Monday, July 28, 2008

Non-Floral Bouquets

You all gave some great suggestions for non-floral centerpieces, you're creativity never ceases to amaze. When I read Hana Schank's "A More Perfect Union" she said that in her research that she could not find the origin of the floral bridal bouquet. In my own search to figure out why we carry clusters of flowers (aka Googling up a storm) I found a few possible explanations. The one that makes the most sense to me is that brides carried flowers to cover up any unpleasant odors that came from not showering regularly. Since most modern brides will indeed shower on their wedding day, I think alternative bouquets are a wonderful way to show some personality.

Here are some my favorites:

This is my favorite fresh flower alternative. (Which pretty much goes without saying since this is a photo of my mock-up bouquet.) I love the idea of carrying this work of art down the aisle knowing that someone crafted each flower with love. Diane of DK Designs Hawaii is a wonderful clay flower artist and I cannot rave more about her work.

{by Etsy seller Bead Flora Jewels}

Custom beaded bouquets may not save you any money, but they are wonderfully personal and of course will last a lifetime.

Button and Felt:

These hand-crafted button and felt bouquets would be wonderful for a casual, crafty bride. They are so cute. (Cute as a button in fact! Yeah, I went there)

Peacock feathers have become more and more popular for wedding centerpieces, but also look wonderful as the main player in a bouquet. This bouquet is definitely a great alternative for the budget bride.

A fur or faux fur muff would be lovely for a winter wedding. I love this look vintage, chic and oh so cozy.

{by Etsy seller Lala Laurie}
This paper and feather bouquet is so soft and so romantic. I love when paper flowers are used in a way that makes them look like paper instead of making them look "real."

Parasols or umbrellas are a great way to give you and your bridesmaids something lovely to hold, especially for an outdoor spring or summer wedding. (They are practical too!)

Herb bouquets make a wonderful alternative for brides who want a fresh rustic bouquet without the expense.

Ornaments (and paper):
How fun are these bouquets?! The bride made her bouquet out of Christmas ornaments and her bridesmaids bouquets were made out of paper. (Also, don't her bridesmaids look great - and coordinated - in their different dresses?)

Will you be carrying a non-floral bouquet?

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