Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cake CAke CAKe CAKE! mmmmm

Last night Mr. Pineapple and I traveled to Plum, PA to meet our baker at Jennuine Cakes and Cafe. We did not know quite what to expect because the cake was included in our venue/catering package. We were pleasantly surprised, the cafe was adorable and the cake was delicious!
No wimpy tasting portions for us! Sweet. The chocolate one is well... chocolate with chocolate ganache and chocolate butter cream. The white is vanilla with strawberry filling and butter cream.
When we got there I told Mr. Pineapple "I'm going to let you decide if that's okay with you." It was, so vanilla with strawberry it is! That was easy.

As far as what the cake will look like it will be something like this (click to enlarge):
{cake images via the knot}

The butter cream will be a champagne color similar to the cake on the left. I will be decorated in white swiss dots like the cake in the center. Finally it will be topped with a big white clay peony made by DK Designs Hawaii. I wasn't particularly excited about the cake until meeting with the baker. Now though I cannot wait to see the final product. I think it will be perfect for our wedding - sort of traditional, sort of modern and of course the clay flower.

What will your cake look like?

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Tiffany said...

LOVE the description/pics of your cake. That color iciing is awesome - very vintage looking, and kind of modern too. I love the clay flower for the top too - a nice polished-off touch! Our cake is 5 tiers, with white icing which will have verical stripe and dot design (hard to describe, but it's very pretty and different). Two of the tiers of cake will be white cake for one layer and chocolate cake for the other layer, and with raspberryfilling. And the other two tiers will be all chocolate cake for both layers, and with raspberry filling. The top tier, the one that Scott and I get to keep to eat on our 1st anniversary, is also chocolate for both layers, and raspberry filling. We LOVE chocolate!! In between each tier will be fall colored flowers (which our florist is supplying, the same flowers used in our bridesmaids bouquets) and then on top will be a large floral topper. So it's all fresh flowers and a cool iciing design. I, like you, was not excited about the cake until we met with our baker. After making final decisions and imagining how beautiful it's going to be, I'm now SUPER excited! Oh