Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Blood Donors (and Brides?) Warm Hearts

When I was a teenager I had some weird passions. I never spent a day of my life on a sports team. I wasn't particularly interested in school politics. And I quit my first job at Target so I could spend more time (not getting paid, but working longer hours) as a Girl Scout leader.

My biggest passion as a teen was blood donation. For my 17th birthday I organized a blood drive birthday party. I made invitations and used my door to door cookie salesperson skills to invite the whole neighborhood. It turned a huge bash with two blood mobiles and dozens of donors I had never met. After that I was inspired to keep trying to recruit donors and in college created a group called Carnegie Mellon Life Savers.

My sister called me last fall because she wanted to pick my brain about a new design project. The brief for this project was to design to touch the hearts of people in a community of her choosing. Of course, I suggested she try to do something for blood donors. She made 60 fleece scarves embroidered with abstract blood related designs and a "Blood Donors Warm Hearts" tag.

Since the scarves were made out of fleece they required no sewing. I think they are absolutely adorable, much better than any of the cheesy t-shirts I have received over the years. And the tag? A perfect touch. So, since I helped her with the concept, I decided to steal the product.

My plan is to make scarves, in neutral colors, as favors for our guests. I am picturing them folded in half and draped over the backs of the chairs in the reception/dining room. (Scarves, candle light, small 6-person tables - do you see my vision?) The tag (which she screen printed herself!) would say something along the lines of:
Made with Love
Miss & Mister Pineapple

I wouldn't go as far as embroidering them because I don't want to get over whelmed. Since it will be fall and many of our guests are from south of the south, I thought it would be a cute and warm favor.

What do you guys think? Am I getting in over my head? Will guests appreciate them?

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