Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Toaster Broke, So We're Getting Married

With surgery approaching I assumed that I would have a lot of free time to lay around and not move my right arm. So, I decided to look for some new reading material. Since I love reading wedding blogs so much I thought that wedding memoirs would be right up my alley. I searched amazon and ordered two, both were less than $1.50, brand new from the "used" books section. This is probably the only time in my life I could really relate to the authors and possibly get some insight as well.

The first to arrive was "The Toaster Broke, So We're Getting Married." It was short and sweet with a bright pink cover, fun right?
After reading the book I thought you might appreciate a review from a certain bride-to-be with too much time on her hands. (I am in no way being rewarded for reviewing this book, see editorial policy.)

The author, Pamela Holm, writes about planning her second wedding. She has been a single mom for 16 years and decides that this wedding she wants to do "right." The book is broken into sections, much like our blogs are here at Weddingbee, with a chapter entitled "The Dress" and another "The Guest List." She describes many of the same issues that most brides go through during the planning process and the effect it has on her family-to-be. Her view of the wedding is pretty realistic with my favorite excerpt being the content of a postcard sent to their guest list:

"On the subject of gifts, we love burlwood clocks and brass-plated fondue dishes as much as the next happy couple, but aside from needing a toaster we have more than enough possessions to run a household. In lieu of gifts we would like to suggest you celebrate our marriage in one of the following ways.
A. Donate money to your favorite charity
B. Dance naked in a rainstorm
C. Call your mother once in a while, it won't kill you"

Overall I would give "The Toaster Broke" 3 out of 5 pineapples (arbitrary, but cute, no?) a fun, quick read and sometimes quite funny, but she's no David Sedaris.

Would anyone like to trade wedding reading materials? (or I can just give it to you if you have nothing to trade)

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