Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"Congratulations! You have won!"

If you have attended a bridal show I am sure you have then received a call congratulating you on winning one prize or another. A couple weeks after dragging Mr. Pineapple to a fairly horrifying bridal event I received such a call. Congrats to us! We had "won" a free honeymoon. The catch being that we would have to attend at 90 minute cooking demonstration.

Well, Mr. P and decided why the heck not. We would check it out, sit quietly for 90 minutes and see if there was any legitimacy to the free vacation. The demonstration was put on by American Prestige and it was fairly awkward. We were in a small room in a rundown hotel here in Pittsburgh with a bunch of other couples. After an hour and a half of bad jokes and whispered chuckles between Mr. Pineapple and I the demo was over.

We were then told what a great deal the cookware was and why we should spend a large chunk of change that night. We didn't have to actually buy anything to get the free vacation and we didn't. Our choices were either 2 nights and 3 days in one of several hotels across the country or 2 nights and 3 days in one of 4 all-inclusive Caribbean resorts. Both very short stays considering we would still have to pay for airfare.

Mr. Pineapple and I had already planned on going to Florida to visit my family this Christmas. Since the Bahamas are just a hop skip and a jump from Miami we went with the Caribbean stay. We have not decided if we will extend the vacation beyond the free days. Other than a $40/night fee for taxes it seems to be legit and there are no blackout days. We will obviously look into it further before actually buying our plane tickets and giving anyone money, but I think it will be a nice short get away before all the craziness of the holidays.

Here are some photos from the Viva Wyndham resort where we would be staying:

Has anyone actually gone on one of these free vacations or known anyone who has?

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