Friday, June 13, 2008


Last summer my car was broken down -- again. This time a squirrel had built a nest on my engine block while it sat unused for two months. What I had on my hands was a dead battery and a whole lot of squirrel hair under my hood.
The squirrel nest, on a road in a neighborhood called Squirrel Hill, go figure.

I had my car parked a little ways away because parking at our house was very limited. Mr. Pineapple was out of town on a business trip. My plan was to use his car to pick him up from the airport. As I was heading out, I realized I had left something in my car that I needed, so I drove to my car in Ryan's car. As I pulled up behind my car I hit a piece of metal sticking out of the curb and BAM his tire explodes. Not only that, but I dented to rim too. Meanwhile, Mr. P is at the Philly airport and his flight has been canceled. He and his coworkers ended up renting a car and driving back to the burgh. Which worked out on my end since I had destroyed both of our cars.

The next day I went to the eye doctor. Go figure, Miss Running-Cars-Into-Curbs needed glasses. So, almost a year later I am pretty used to my specs (well, that is when I remember to leave the house with them). I definitely think they change the way I look. I am still not sure I want to wear them for the wedding though. They kind of drop low and "cut my eye in half." I think I am going to give contacts a test run soon and see if that is an option for the big day, but I haven't decided.

my "goggles"

I could also just go completely corrective eye wear free. My eyes aren't that bad. Everything just looks kind of wet, like I am swimming in a pool with my eyes open, when I don't have them on. Although, I may actually want to see my groom as I begin my walk do the aisle.

You don't see many brides in glasses. So, I did a google search and found this post from Offbeat bride, Brides in Glasses. Some of those glasses make for hottie brides. Mr. Pineapple, who has been wearing glasses since forever, will be sporting his new copper specs.

So ladies, I am asking the same question once asked by Mrs. Kiwi... glasses, contacts or nothing? Anyone opting to wear their glasses on the big day?

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