Thursday, June 5, 2008

This Registry Brought to You by...

things I think Miss Candy Corn would like.

After seeing Miss Candy Corn's polyvore registry I had to create one myself. Mr. Pineapple and I buzzed around Macy's and Target adding things to our registry without any sort of plan. I tried to create an image in my head of what I would like each room to look like. For the bathroom brown and blue; for the kitchen reds, yellows, and blues; for the dining room reds, browns and white and for the bedroom brown, orange and blue.

Then after I created my collage I thought, oh gee that looks like Miss Candy Corn's wedding! Lots of brown and blue and birds. Putting together the collage was fun, I love getting the big picture view of all the little details.

Anyone else run through your registry without any sort of plan in mind?

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