Monday, June 2, 2008

Registry Adventure

This weekend Mr. Pineapple and I decided to pop over to Macy's and Target to start our registries. First, we headed to downtown Pittsburgh where there is a 12-story, super old school Macy's. The clock outside has been a landmark for over a century and is known as the "Kaufmann Clock." The Kaufman family was very influential in the Pittsburgh region and the clock used to be on the corner of the Kaufman department store, until Macy's purchased the chain.
On the seventh floor we set up our registry and were mesmerized by the carpeted walls.

The associate helping us get everything set up was Debbie. She was very helpful, maybe a little too helpful. Being the salesperson she was, she kept pointing out things that were "fabulous." She was kind, but a bit over the top. Just let us start playing with the scanner for goodness sakes. Here she is instructing Mr. P on how to use the scanner. For the most part I left all cooking related items and small appliances up to Mr. P to choose. I took over when it came to baking and more decorative decisions.

This photo documents the one and only time Mr. P allowed me to use the scanner. His past as a stock boy was really shining though.

Mr. Pineapple saddened that the giant wooden dragon would not scan.

Our next stop was at Target the following morning.
I love Target. Many of the same items we registered for at Macy's we ended up re-registering for at Target because the prices were so much better. I may have been overly worried about the price of the items we were picking out. I shot Mr. P down a couple of times when he wanted to register for something I didn't think we needed (like a counter top cereal dispenser). For the most part though we agreed on what to add and what not to. We also took turns picking out essentials that neither of us were really passionate about. At one point, I was looking at the digital SLRs considering adding one to our registry so we could get the extra 10% off after the wedding and Mr. P said "I wouldn't worry about registering for a camera." I didn't push the issue, but I sure hope he means what I think he might mean!

The only thing I am disappointed about is the lack of puppies for sale at either store.

Did you find it hard to register for fancy items that you normally would not buy for yourself?


Tiffany said...

As a matter of fact, when we registered at Linens and Things, the sales girl asked Scott if he liked beer. Um, short answer, YES! She pointed out a beertender - Heineken, no less (Scott's favorite beer). It was $279! Outrageous! But, he fell in love with it. We didn't scan it right away, we went around the store scanning realistic things like tea kettles, wine glasses and bed duvets. But, after Scott excused himself from me three times to go back to the beertender machine to look at it again and again, we decided what the heck - and scanned the $279 item onto our registry. It's a bit of a joke, we know we won't get it. But since I am the cook, the decorator, and 95% of the items we registered for Scott will never use...I figured might as well let him try to get something he wants. But $279?! Yeah, in his dreams.

Emily said...

hahaha that's too funny. I guess the beertender is better than a giant wooden dragon though! (good thing it didnt actually have a bar code)

We registered for a couple things we assume we wont get, but we will have the 10% discount option after the wedding if we decide to get them then.