Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I LOL'd for Real

I mentioned in my life goes on post that Mr. Pineapple recently landed his dream job. One of the reasons he wanted this job so badly was the community in which he would be working. He is an alum of the Honors College at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and now he is also the assistant director.

The students that Mr. Pineapple works with knew he was engaged, but it wasn't until they stumbled upon his facebook profile that they also discovered he has a secret life, where he was known solely as a sweet and tart, prickly fruit.

At the end of the day yesterday a group of students presented him with a welcome gift, a nameplate for his desk:
How cute are those students! It is even copper! The words around the pineapple say "The Robert E. Cook Honors College, IUP • A Community of Excellence." Excellence and fruit! He is going to proudly display the gift on his desk and forever have to explain why the heck he is a pineapple. I love it.

Just another example of how wedding planning has infiltrated every aspect of our life.