Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Paper Roses Progress

Since my parents live in South Florida I don't get to see them very often. When I do get to see them it is usually because they are working on the now 14 year renovation of my father's childhood home, about an hour from Pittsburgh. They decided to come up this week to do some work, little did my mother know it wasn't the house she would be working on, it was paper roses.

My mother, bridesmaid Katie and I created an assembly line to crank out some more paper roses. I had made about 40 and the three of us got another 40 done. It was so nice to have their help. Mr. Pineapple tried to help me one night, but got very angry at his flower by petals 5-8.

My mother's roses were looking more like pine cones than flowers so she got demoted to cutting out the petals. She was a real trooper! Her hand molded to the scissors and got stuck (sorry for the fuzzy shot):
So all in all it was a great success and I have about 40 more left to make. There will be a total of 120 - 80 brown and 40 white.
What kind of assembly line projects have you roped your family and friends into?


Meesha said...

How will you be using the paper flowers--as a fellow bride-to-be I'm so intrigued!

Emily said...

I will be using 4-6 of them in the centerpieces at the base of some large candles. I'll be sure to post pictures when they are done!

Meesha said...

Wow, what a great ideas! Flowers are so expensive, as I am finding. Yes, please post pictures when you're done!