Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Other Dress is...

When I picked out my gown, it was a one stop shopping experience. I did my research ahead of time, found several possible gowns, tried them on, and bought one. I love my gown, I think it is very "bridal" and it makes me feel pretty.

Every once in awhile though I think of the dresses that weren't. What would my dress look like if I was built like a hanger (you know the kind of woman who looks good wearing anything)? What if money was no object? What if I wasn't worried about not feeling like a bride on the big day?

In my fantasies my other dress is:

Short. I love the look of a short dress, I think it is so fun and adorable. But, I didn't go short for a couple reasons: 1. my wedding is in the fall and I didn't want to be cold and 2. I was worried I wouldn't feel like a bride (whether or not I would feel this way is debatable).

{ St. Pucchi 9298 }
Slightly Outrageous. This dress is wonderfully unique and breathtaking. Could I pull it off? Questionable. Could I afford it? Laughable : )

{ Pattis Bridal 1327 }
Mermaid. Nothing quite save va va va voom like a mermaid gown. (Seriously, check out Miss Cookie - everyone except you Mr. Cookie.) This one is particularly girly and pretty with the lace and light ruffles.

Red. Bold and passionate with a whole lot of wow. Red gowns are definitely stunning, but if were to walk down the aisle in one my family might not have been able to recover.

Country Bumpkin Chic. I adore this dress. If I were getting married outdoors or a warmer time of year this would be the dress for me.

What dress would you have chosen if you could have thrown all caution to the wind?


Tiffany said...

I agree with the va-va-va-voom factor of a mermaid dress. If I had the figure for it, that's probably the way I would have gone. It's classic, yet seductive. Mine is the full A line, or not-quite-so-full ball gown. I love my dress. But if I could go a completely different route, I'd go mermaid. No question.

Emily said...

me too tiffany! I wish I could see your gown!