Monday, May 19, 2008

Clay Flower Samples

Yesterday, Mr. Pineapple and I had to work all day for Carnegie Mellon's Commencement. After shooting several hundred photos of happy grads I was tired and grumpy. Then, I checked my e-mail and got a wonderful treat. Diane from Dk Designs Hawaii had my clay flower samples ready! She wanted to show me the colors and types of flowers (roses - different kinds, double center rose, victorian style, tuberose, stephanotis with the pearl center, gardenia, peony, and ranunculus) she had created to get my feedback before proceeding with the actual bouquets, boutonnières and corsages.

You may remember, a few weeks back I sent her some photos of bouquets that I liked, as well as a possible color palette for inspiration and Diane totally hit the nail on the head. She gave me two different options for the large center flower, a gardenia or a peony. Which do you like better?

Here are the bridesmaid's flower samples, the colors are slightly more saturated:

That peony is just incredible, the petals are so delicate.

Here is a shot of how the two work together:
The colors are soft and romantic. The flowers are classic and a bit rustic. I love them. I know I must sound like a spokeswoman for Diane, but I cannot think of anything I would change about them and she is a doll to work with. After the wedding, I will have them forever and that makes me very happy.

What do you think?


phillyeditgrl said...

They're both exquisite, but there's something about the shape of the gardenia that draws me to it more. Either way, you can't go wrong.

I will really need to check her fiance and I are on a REALLY tight budget, so in a way I'd rather spend money on something that won't die in less than a week.

Tiffany said...

They are absolutley breathtaking! And you can't ask for more than flowers lasting forever! Very clever!

Emily said...

Diane does have some amazing skills, no? I cannot wait to get my flowers!