Monday, May 12, 2008

The Food

One of the main reason we chose our venue, was because of the food. We had never eaten there ourselves, but we had heard wonderful things! Mr. Pineapple took me to the Rivers Club for Valentine's day giving us our first official taste and we were thrilled.

A couple weeks ago Mr. Pinapple's father and step-mother traveled to the big city to join us for our menu tasting.

First up: hors d'oeuvres
Miniature crabcake with chipotle aioli

Clockwise: mediterranean sausage stuffed mushrooms, roast tenderloin canape, five spice sea scallops wrapped in bacon and bbq duck wrapped in bacon

Main Courses:
Pecan and roasted shallot stuffed chicken with orange frangelico cream

Scallion and shrimp crusted salmon

Truffle scented chicken breast with wild mushroom marsala sauce

Parmesan grouper with smoked tomato buerre blanc

Choosing the "winners" was a lot easier than we expected it to be, all four of us were nearly unanimous on all counts. Each of us kept score on a print out of the menu. We decided to go with raspberry brie canapes (which I scarfed down before talking a photo), the sea scallops, crabcakes and mushrooms. For the main courses; the pecan stuffed chicken, the shrimp crusted salmon and a vegetarian dish that we have not tasted.

We were completely stuffed and excited after our tasting, everything was very yummy. So far this has been one of the wedding tasks that was purely fun. It was also great getting some of the future in-laws involved, something we aren't able to do often.

What has been one of your most "fun" wedding tasks?

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