Friday, May 23, 2008

Our Free J

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Mr. Pineapple and I decide to join the bandwagon and have an iPod/Macbook set-up for our wedding. The main driver, like with many people, for us was cost. I feel that the DJ can make or break the reception. I have been to both a wedding with a good DJ and one with an embarrassing DJ. Often good DJs come with a hefty price tag. So, if we were going to take a risk with going cheap, we figured we would go ahead and take the plunge to DIY our music.

There are a couple things that are working in our favor. First and foremost, is my wonderfully amazing friend Mike. He and I met line dancing a few years ago at our favorite place to boot scoot, Saddle Ridge. Mike went to school for musical theater and performs here in Pittsburgh. He just finished up his role as Rif in West Side Story. Mike will be one of Mr. Pineapple's groomsman and our MC! He teaches theater and dance classes and has a huge library of music (in addition to what Mr. P and I have acquired over the years).

I am very excited that we will know our MC we are confident he will do a great job getting everyone excited. I will make sure to get my playlists very organized so all he has to do music-wise is click play.

Additionally, the Rivers Club has a sound system we can use. Originally, we thought we would have to rent or borrow the equipment, but we are lucky to have that resource already available to us. Of course there is a flip side, I'm nervous. What if no one dances? What if something goes wrong and even after our test-run, the set up doesn't work the night of the wedding?

I've read a lot of how-to articles about DIY music. So, I think I have the logistics figured out, but I have never seen it in action. Has anyone else had an "iPod wedding?" What is your advice for me?

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