Wednesday, August 20, 2008

UPDATE: Dress (Not) Fitting Number One

Last week I wrote about my traumatic first dress fitting at David's Bridal. To sum up the back story...

I only went dress shopping once. I tried one a few gowns and found the one I loved. They only had one size in the store and it was a bit too big. They used clips to show me how the gown should fit. After deciding to purchase the gown my truly lovely David's Bridal assistant and the head seamstress thought it would be best if I ordered a size smaller, so I did.

Flash forward to about a week before. I went into David's for my first fitting and it didn't go well. Long story short the seamstress (a different one than before) said my gown wouldn't zip and basically made me feel like poo because of it.

Well, a couple hours and almost 50 reader responses after my post appeared on Weddingbee I got a call. Guess who it was. Go ahead... exactly, David's Bridal.

Somehow, someone in their corporate office read my post. (I am not sure if they have staff to monitor such things or maybe it was e-mailed to them, I don't know.) The corporate office found out my full name (somehow) and therefore which store I was writing about. It was the manager of that store who called. She was so kind and very apologetic. She said she read what I had written and was horrified. She was very understanding about why I had a bad taste in my mouth. She invited me to come back to the store and try on both the gown I already own and a size larger.

So, the next day I made the two hour trek back to my old stopping ground, Pittsburgh. The head seamstress brought out my gown (the smaller one) and helped me into it. When it came time for the gown to be zipped I held my breath waiting to hear the zipper stop. But guess what? It didn't! She zipped it right up! The same exact gown that just a fews days ago would have to be let out an inch and a half, fit perfectly. An inch and a half really isn't much to sneeze at. In fact, I can stick my hand down my gown if I want to. :)

So, why did the previous seamstress insist my gown was way too small and make me feel like poo? Honestly, your guess is as good as mine. Maybe I was having a fat day or maybe someone felt the need to tack on extra alterations (ahem). Whatever the reason, I am relieved. I love my gown again. If I had not gone in today my gown would have been much too big after alterations and I would have been out $70! They did offer to embroider the lining of the gown with "Emily & Ryan | October 18, 2008" which should be a nice keepsake down the road.

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DK Designs said...

Talk about drama! I'm so glad that the manager contacted you and brought you back in! I've had many brides tell me and have had personal experiences with weddings I've been in where the wrong size was ordered or dress and they make it out to be your fault and they don't help you in any way.... Just charge you an arm and a leg for alterations...

I'm glad it worked out and you are once again loving your dress. YIPEE! :)