Friday, August 29, 2008

Roll In the Reinforcements

Yesterday I mentioned that my wedding nap was over and I would soon be getting some help. Well, help has arrived!
Dad, Mom and Oliver (check out that crazy lamp and pair of rain boots!)

My mother wanted come to Pennsylvania a week or so before my shower to help my sister and bridesmaid. She also wanted to come a week or so before the wedding to help me finish any last minute projects. Well, she and my dad got to thinking about the time line and came up with a solution. My Dad drove my mother and their dog, Oliver, up along with their camper. My dad will be here one week helping me drywall and build a new desk, before flying back to Florida and leaving my mom and Oliver. So, I get to have my Bob Vila dad for a week and my Martha mom for almost two months! How lucky am I?!

She brought loads of pineapple things along with her (one of which is pictured). She is really into Weddingbee, but always afraid to comment. I have a feeling there will be a lot of pineapple themed goodness at the shower!

This weekend will be dedicated to drywall, but come Monday it's all wedding all the time. Awesome.

Has anyone else received some last-minute help?

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