Thursday, August 21, 2008

And They're Off!

After almost 3 hours of writing our new address on response envelopes (and spelling my own name wrong about 20% of the time) I was ready to invite our loved ones to the wedding!

This was a big day for the Pineapples, a big day at a teeny tiny post office.

Brush Valley Post Office complete with Amish Buggy Crossing sign

When stuffing the envelopes earlier I couldn't actually do any stuffing. I had forgotten to get stamps for the reply envelopes, oops! So, instead I organized the contents. To avoid any confusion about who was invited and to make sure no one forgot to write their name(s) on the reply I wrote them in ahead of time. Once I was at the post office I added the stamp to the reply envelope and doubled checked that the reply card and outer envelope belonged to the same guests.

I was so excited that the post office finally had cool stamps, Charles and Ray Eames.

All packed up and ready to go!

The final invitations required 59 cent postage, which was a relief. The invitations have 7 pieces all made out of card stock, plus the envelope. The 59 cent stamps were not quite as cute as the 42 cent, sorry James Michener.

The lovely post office worker hand canceled all the invitations for me. All I had to do was ask and she said "sure!" That was easy. While at the post office (for an hour and a half because of all the last minute stuffing and licking I had to do) people would come in and out and say "Oh! It looks like someone is getting married!" Most were excited and told me how long they had been married and wished Mr. Pineapple and I well. Everyone except the used car salesman across the street who said "Don't do it! I only have one friend who is happily married" so I said "Well, sounds like you need new friends." He turned around and walked out and off the invitations went!

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Tiffany said...

Our invitations went out this week too. Some people were wondering if we were sending them too early, but with an RSVP date of Oct 1st, that's only 6 weeks to reply back. I don't think that sending them out this week was too early. So I'm happy to hear yours went out this week too! We are on the same wave length!