Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Neck Wear

For the last few months I have been casually searching for a wedding day necklace. I would love to find something from Etsy. I have had nothing but amazing experiences from Etsy folks. I plan on wearing simple white pearl earrings (either a pair borrowed from my sister or a pair Mr. P bought me many moons ago).

I am definitely drawn to more vintagey looking necklaces. I love simple pearl necklaces with one big funky chunky accent. Here are some of my favorites:
{Etsy Seller Damselle}
My concern with the above necklaces is my hair. I will be wearing my hair down and I think the best features of the necklaces will just be hidden.

So, maybe something more symmetrical or simple is where I should head. I do love these, but I just don't love them in quite the same way.

{Etsy Seller Kateszabone}


I would like to go with yellow or rose gold over white gold/silver to match my wedding ring.

Do you have any suggestions (online sellers, specific necklaces)? Which is your favorite?

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Francisco said...

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