Monday, August 18, 2008

Shower and Bachelorette Invites by MOH/Sister Pineapple

I am Miss Pineapple's older sister and I also have the great honor of being her Maid of Honor. Since I, like my sister, am a graphic designer, I had a blast designing the bridal shower invitation and bachelorette party invitations myself.

Since a lot of her guests are flying in from out of town, we decided to do an afternoon shower and then a bachelorette that evening. Not all the same guests would be invited to both events (sorry Mom) so I decided to design and illustrate two simple invitations that were distinct enough to look like two separate events, but had the same illustration style on both which tied together the look.

For the shower invitation (above), I did a one sided card mounted on a piece of brown craft paper. I liked the idea of a one sided invitation for this event, because the guests will be able to hang it on the fridge and have a reminder of the details at a glance. As for the illustration, I did my interpretation of the adorable cake toppers by Anne Wood.

One of the bachlorettes and the fun idea of including a recipe card with the invitation so all the guests will be able to share a recipe with the new couple. I designed this card to match the invitation and included the date of the shower at the bottom.

The co-ed (but Mr. P free) bachlorette party will take place at Miss Pineapple's favorite country line-dancing club so keeping with the theme, I drew my pink cowboy hat and used a western typeface mixed with a more modern typeface.

Is your bridal party also getting into the DIY spirit?

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Miss Shortcake said...

I love these! So cute!