Monday, August 11, 2008

Dress (Not) Fitting Number One

Last week I had my first dress fitting at David's Bridal. When I walked into "the alterations department" I was a little nervous. Basically it was a big dressing room filled with other brides, their moms, and women with pins.

I was alone with my big poofy dress, crinoline and cowboy boots. I was shown a smaller dressing room and told to put on my gown. So I did, well I tried to. (Did they really think I could zip it all the way up on my own?) So there I was, standing in my half-zipped wedding gown in the middle of a crowded room not knowing what to do next. Eventually, I spotted someone carrying a clipboard - a good sign! She directed me toward the mirror and told me to step onto the stage thing in front of it. I did. So there I was standing on a platform in the middle of a crowded room halfway into my gown. Honestly, I was really embarrassed. Everyone was staring at me. I assume they were wondering why I was holding up my gown instead of actually wearing it.

Finally, a seamstress came up to me to help with the zipper. She had it almost zipped up when she started yelling "I can't get it to zip! I can't even... you see? I can't zip it! I don't want to break it! It won't zip!" Really, she was yelling at me. I felt so horrible. In a room full of people she was yelling at me. I know my boobs and I was not so surprised that it didn't want to zip all the way up. I kept saying "ok, ok" and she just kept yelling about how it wouldn't zip.

When I ordered my gown they suggested I buy a size smaller than the one I had tried on. Apparently, the waist on the bigger one would have to be taken in. Well, the smaller one was too small in the boobage department. Not a big deal. Well, at least I didn't think it was a big deal. Either you take in the waist or take out the boobs. The seamstress on the other hand made me feel like the biggest bride, wearing the smallest dress, in the world. I was beet red and sweating. I was so embarrassed.

So, they would take out the top. Problem solved. Then, she told me my dress was too long. When I tried it on the first time the head seamstress commented that the length was "perfect." How come all of the sudden I would have to pay $75 to make my gown an inch shorter? I just told her "no thanks, I'll look for different shoes I guess." (I was wearing the same shoes I had been wearing all along.)

After I got myself out of my gown and back into my real clothes they told me they needed my measurements for their records. After my fitting? With my jeans and jacket on? They haphazardly threw the measuring tape around me and shouted out the numbers to someone else in another room, behind a curtain. Maybe it was the wizard of Oz. I assume the reason for the measurements is so that if your gown does not fit they can possibly blame the bride for gaining or losing weight. Or maybe at this point I was just being cynical.

Since then I have been haunted by the words "IT WON'T ZIP!" I wasn't going to even write about my first fitting. Maybe buying a dress at a high end boutique would have been worth it after all. Maybe.

Did you have a traumatic dress fitting?


phillyeditgrl said...

I haven't been fitted for a dress yet, but I have heard horror stories of DB. I had to go there for a bridesmaid dress once, and luckily my bride selected separates. I snuck in on a busy Saturday with my boyfriend, snagged a couple options and got a dressing room. The top and bottom fit just about right, so I wouldn't need alterations. I sent the photos we took to the bride so she could approve, and a couple of weeks later I walked in and told them exactly what style, color, and size I needed to order. The lady at the counter was actually annoyed that I didn't have one of their "professionals" help me. She finally took the order, and when I got the bridesmaid outfit about a month later, it still fit just fine. No alterations needed, and if I can help it, that might be the last time I step foot into David Bridals.

Tiffany said...

Wow, what a terrible experience. Even if the dress was a little snug, there was no reason for her to go on and on like that. So unprofessional, but more importantly, RUDE and not catering to the bride (like they should be). Sorry you had a bad experience. My fittings have been fine so far. I have one more in September and then my final fitting on Oct 4th. I'm crossing my fingers everything fits great and feels good. It fit fine before, so it should still be fine. But it's one of those things that I'm paranoid about. I hope your last fittings go better. Also, and this is just my opinion (being the stickler I am to giving and getting good customer service), I would report that associate to the store manager. At least let them know what an awful experience it was, and that you're sharing this experience with others. This is why DB has the reputation it has. The more people who complain, the more the stores are aware, and (hopefully) the more they'll do to do better in the future. Keep smilin' - it'll all work out great in the end! You are going to look stunning! I can't wait to see the pictures!