Monday, September 8, 2008

Thank You! Already!

Five weeks before the wedding and we have already received three gifts! They are all very thoughtful and I knew I needed to get my thank you cards made or Emily Post would find a way to track me down and haunt my dreams of wedded bliss.

I wanted to do something clean and simple that would fit with the look of the invitations. So, using the copper paper and typeface from the invites, Mom Pineapple and I made these:
If you are new to DIY stationary and want to make your own invites, I think the thank yous are a great place to start. Plus, you'll get them out of the way early. :)

We started with a sheet of "thank yous" printed on heavyweight matte paper (basically a smooth finish card stock), copper card stock, a paper cutter and a Xyron.

I just printed these out on my printer at home with trim lines.

Mom Pineapple helped me run the sheets through the Xyron, the who time saying "Oooo! I neeeed one of these!"

Then onto cutting them apart.

We did the same with the copper paper, running it through the Xyron and then cutting them a little larger than the thank yous.

Then we peeled the backing off the thank yous and tried our best to center them on the copper. The cards we bought at Michaels pre-cut and scored for easy folding. All we had to do next is peel the packing off the copper and stick. Done and done.

What did you do for your thank you cards?

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