Thursday, May 7, 2009

Love Again: Cocktail Hour

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The cocktail hour gave guests time to mingle and search the escort card trees for their seats. It also gave Mr. Pineapple and I the opportunity to sneak down stairs where hors d'ovres, drinks, and a few minutes alone were awaiting us.

© Mingwei Tay Photography

I love this photo of my grandfather and Mr. Pineapple's dad because although Mr. P and I were not there I can imagine exactly what they were talking about. My grandfather, a man of epic stories, was probably telling FIL P. about the many weddings he attended, only briefly, to deliver the beautiful cakes my grandmother used to make.

© Mingwei Tay Photography

Sister Pineapple played the role of videographer throughout the night. One of my favorite parts of the video was the cocktail hour. She went around to all of the guests and asked them who was the prettiest bridesmaid. Of course, since she was the one asking, everyone said "Oh, you Kristina!" Then she went up to Kim and Lindsay and said "I have been asking everyone who the prettiest bridesmaids were and everyone has said you two!"

Mom Pineapple also got ahold of the video camera a couple times throughout the evening. Much of her video is of herself, holding the camera upside down and eating giant pixie sticks. She is an artist.

Mr. Pineapple and I rejoined our guests with just enough time to say hello to everyone and hear the story of the prettiest bridesmaid before introductions.

Will you be visiting with guests after the ceremony or will you wait for the reception introductions?

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