Thursday, April 30, 2009

Love Again: Post Ceremony Hugs!

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Just a few moments after the wonderfully giant hug given to me by my hubby we were swarmed by the rest of the bridal party and our parents. Let the hug-a-thon begin!

Then it was time to bustle my gown. There were 11 ribbons to be tied, my sister and mother raced to see who could get the most tied first. While still not missing any. I am not convinced that 11 was overkill.

My sister's little fingers and working eyes won the race :)

After I was all tied up I took my gown for a spin (literally) just to make sure everything was tied down.
© Mary Mervis Photography

© Mary Mervis Photography

It was official, we were married again. This time we were able to do what we have hoped from the beginning, share our wedding with all those who truly loved us.

Will you be spending a few moments with loved ones after your ceremony? Or do you and your husband plan to be whisked away?

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