Sunday, August 16, 2009

Love Again: The Reception, Part 1

I did something today that I have not done in a very long time. I continued writing my re-caps. It has been almost a year since Mr. Pineapple and I first married in a small cinder-block building in Clymer, PA.

When I last posted several months ago cocktail hour was over and the party was just about to begin...

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After the introduction of the parents, bridal party and Mr. Pineapple and I, began the speeches from Sister Pineapple, Krissy and the Best Man, Erik.

Erik and Mr. P. were roommates throughout college and beyond. There were a few months when the three of us all lived together in a house with five cats. (In case you are wondering, five cats is way too many.) If there was anyone who could embarrass Mr. P. it was Erik. So, I have to admit I was a bit worried what Erik would have to say in his speech. In the end it was lovely and endearing.

My sister and I were almost always at odds growing up. We were both very much into the arts, attending the same magnet school. We had all of the same classes and same teachers, but thought we could not be more different. She went off to Carnegie Mellon's school of design for college and I almost immediately crossed it off my list of colleges. I thought I had spent enough time following in my sister's footsteps. Well, some how I find myself in a pool of orange-brown Jell-o, wrestling my sister, at a CMU frathouse a couple years later during the week of my freshman orientation. I won the match and things changed.

My sister talks about hour our relationship took a turn when I started taking her out to lunch on my meal plan. We learned that we were not so different after all, in fact, it was probably because we were so much alike that we butted heads so often growing up. Now we are both graphic designers (I still claim she followed in my footsteps on that one) and we talk everyday. My sister's speech was so sweet and it made me glad to be, as she phrased it, her twin born three years late.

Next, it was time for free-J Mike to cue the first dance music.

Mr. Pineapple and I had been dating for just a few months and we were at our regular spot (and rehearsal dinner location) Smokin' Joe's. Mr. P. disappeared few a few moments. When he returned Howie Day's Brace Yourself starting playing from the juke box and he whispered into my ear, "I want to play this song at out wedding." And so was chosen the song for our first dance.

A few weeks before our wedding my parents were visiting from Florida. I had spent almost every waking hour painting and repainting our home. I was stuck on the wall along the staircase. I had peeled layers of wallpaper off the wall, paper that had been there for decades. It wasn't going so well. No matter what I tried I couldn't get all the little pieces off the plaster. So my Dad and I got to work hanging drywall. As we measured and drilled I asked him what song he would like for the father daughter dance. "Country. Anything but that woman, I don't like her." I guessed he was referring to Sugarland, "Yeah her, not her." So I picked My Little Girl by Tim Mcgraw, country, simple, sweet and not Sugarland.

We decided to cut our cake right after the dances and before dinner. This allowed for the rest of the night to just happen, uninterrupted. We cut the cake without too much trouble - after we got the knife into the layer. Did you know they sometimes put a layer of board on top of the layers for support? We didn't. Turns out you cannot really cut through the board...

As you can see, there was no cake smashing for us. Which really disappointed my normally shy father. So much so that he requested a do-over:
Sorry Dad, that's not happening. :)

Next it was time for dinner and merriment...

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