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Love Again: Getting Ready

Love Again:
The Rehearsal, Rehearsal Dinner, Rehearsal Dinner Gifts

Great news, hive! Last week Mr. Pineapple and I received the DVD containing our full resolution files from Mary Mervis. Mingwei Tay, the student and aspiring wedding photographer, provided us with our images months ago, but I wanted to share everything with you at once. So, it begins with getting ready.
Mr. P and I spent the night before our wedding in the Omni William Penn with some of our guests. Although it is traditional for the couple to spend the night apart I knew sleeping was going to be a challenge for me, especially without Mr. P by my side. I woke up at about 4am and that was it, I was awake for the day.

© Mingwei Tay Photography

At 9am my mother, 4 bridesmaids and I met Mingwei at Philip Pelusi hair salon just a couple floors below our ceremony and reception site. I was a bit worried about getting my hair and make-up done so early especially since we still had a good deal of prep work to do upstairs. Jamie, the stylist, offered to create another appointment for me at noon to touch up my hair and do my make-up.
© Mingwei Tay Photography

I didn't make any changes from my trial, soft curls and warm tones. I was really calm all morning until this point. Mary's photographers, Tammy and Marella, were meeting us at 1:30 to head over to the park where we were to meet the boys for a first glance and portraits. That meant an hour and a half to have my hair fixed, make-up done and get dressed. It was plenty of time in the end, but I was still for some reason nervous about the clock.

I was not fond of the idea of actually getting dressed in front of the cameras or even my friends so I hopped into my dress and called for my mom to zip me up. This was the next and final stressful moment of the day. After my fitting issues I was really really worried the dress wouldn't zip. My poor mother... while she was trying to get me zipped I kept saying "Does it fit? Is it zipping? Are you sure? Is it squeezing my back fat?" Two second later I was zipped and ready to get married (again).

The pearls that Christy is clipping around my neck were a gift from Dad Pineapple. They were perfect. Simple and definitely re-wearable. They completed my wedding jewelry, the only other pieces being pearl earrings Mr. P gave to me early on in our relationship and of course my rings.

Speaking of accesories, here is Bridesmaid Christy wearing the rose colored pearl earrings and necklace I made for my bridesmaids. My favorite part of the necklace was the copper rose clasp. I also gave each of the bridesmaids a wrap to wear since we had planned on taking photos outside.

Sister Pineapple and MOH, Krissy, wore a wacky teal hair flower I made for her. It was kinda quirky, but so is she so it worked.

Here I am showing off my crinoline and cowboy boots. I am so glad I decided to wear my boots the entire day. Not only was I completely comfortable and able to dance all night, but now the boots Mr. P bought my for my birthday a year earlier are even more special.

I was so relieved at this point to be ready and on time. Now I was able to relax and just be happy. After this point I didn't have any clue what time it was and I didn't care. I was definitely ready to see Mr. P again and squeeze him.

Here is a shot of the final clay bouquet made by Diane of DK Designs Hawaii. The bouquet is now sitting in one of the dishes from our candy buffet where I can admire it everyday, forever. Going with clay flowers was one of the best wedding choices Mr. Pineapple and I made.

Before I knew it we were heading out of the River's Club to meet Mr. P and the other boys.

Getting ready was the most nerve racking part of my day, what was yours?

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