Monday, March 9, 2009

Love Again: First Glance

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Mr. Pineapple and I decided to go ahead and do as many formal portraits as we could before the ceremony. Seeing each other before the wedding ended up not being a big deal anyway since we were already married. Any jinxing that was to be done had been at the Clymer magistrate.

Pittsburgh is known for its cold and cloudy days. Why it was 55 and sunny on an October day is beyond me, but I was thrilled. In fact, if it were any warmer the thousand layers of pouf may have made me melt. The boys waited at the Omni while we headed to Mellon Square Park. It was the perfect location for us: right behind the hotel, three blocks from the River's Club, surrounded by cityness but still with plenty of fall foliage.

One last look in the mirror for Mr. Pineapple.

We decided to do our best Abby Road impression. Lucky for us Pittsburghers don't go downtown unless they are on their way to work or a Stillers™ game.

I love this photo of Mr. Pineapple. He looks like a nervous groom about to wed! (Well, except that here he is already sporting his band.)

Then it was time for Mr. P and I to get all first glancey and such. Even though we were already wed, it was wonderful to see him for the first time in this way. He was finally able to see the dress that made me cry and I got to see him with a smile almost as big as mine.

For some reason these crazy girls in dresses were hollering at us.

© Mingwei Tay Photography

© Mary Mervis Photography

Next, it was time for Mr. Pineapple to inspect my duds. I seem to remember flashing people like this a lot on our wedding day.

This is when Mr. P teased me about my "tiara." The only things he knows about bridal fashion he learned while watching me watch the wedding episode of Glamor Magazine's don't list. They said no tiaras, whatever mine was cute. ;)

© Mingwei Tay Photography

© Mary Mervis Photography

One last kiss before portrait time.

Are you doing a first glance?

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