Monday, April 30, 2007

Seeing Red

Seeing Red is a poster exhibit and fund raiser formed by two Carnegie Mellon alumni and one Art Institute alumna. This is the type of communication design that I find truly inspirational. Design that challenges perceptions.

"The title, Seeing Red, refers to the artists' unrest with contemporary issues as well as the common visual theme of the show: red and black. More than a venue or even a dialogue, Seeing Red is also a fundraiser, as all profits from poster sales benefit a charity of the designer's choice.

Our attempt is to create more than a dialogue. We are attempting to create a tangible method of bettering the world.

The posters at Seeing Red have been printed by hand in a traditional form of printmaking called silkscreening. This method allows the printer to use two pure inks, making the red and black extremely rich and vibrant. Screenprints have a textural quality not found in other methods of printing. All posters in this exhibit have been printed on archival quality paper. As only 15 prints of each poster have been made, this is a very unique opportunity to own an original piece of artwork."

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