Thursday, April 12, 2007

Helvetica's Birthday

This poster was designed Experimental Jetset, an Amsterdam-based design team.

The typeface Helvetica is turning 50 this year. The celebration is complete with a documentary by Gary Hustwit. Designers everywhere are giving a nod to the typeface staple.

Veer has this great notebook for sale. They have a knack for selling products geared toward lovers of everything graphic design. It is a gift and a curse to find jokes about typography so, so funny.

When Microsoft first created Arial they heavily based the design (stole?) from Helvetica. Here is a great article about Helvetica vs. Arial, by Mark Simonson, and also a quiz to test your knowledge of the two. If you still want more of this type fight you can even play a flash game, by Engage.

For those who really, really love Helvetica here are wall panels that showcase Helvetica numerals. The panels come in 11 different colors, my favorites are the white and the chocolate pear.

Helvetica, normally seen as a very conservative typeface, gets a sexy makeover with this poster designed at the School of Visual Arts for the cover of CMYK magazine.

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