Monday, August 17, 2009

Love Again: The Reception, Part 2

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After dinner it was time to dance and eat candy! What could be better than that, really?

The candy buffet is definitely my favorite wedding trend. It is the single most talked about detail from our wedding, to this day. Plus, it made for some great memories! (And interesting cocktails, later on in the evening a table of friends were drinking champagne flavored and dyed with rock candy, delicious... or something.)

Mr. Pineapple was worried that people would eat the candy necklaces off one another and it would turn into a fraternity mixer. I mean really, doesn't he know I come from a classy family?

Sister Pineapple and I know that sharing a candy necklace fulfills its one and only purpose. (If they were meant to be eaten solely by the wearer they would taste better and probably be wrapped in bacon.)

Groomsman Phil was in attendance to represent the Lollipop Guild.

Mike was upset that no one was sharing with him so he took matters into his own hands... or rather teeth.

Mike did a wonderful job as emcee and DJ. Having a laptop and sound system set-up was definitely the right choice for our wedding. I don't really come from a family of dancers and the crowd was small to begin with so music wasn't at the top of our budget priority list. After the announcements and official wedding stuff was done, Mike was able to pretty much let the computer do the hard work, with a few adjustments when needed.

He even got some of the employees from the River's Club line dancing, good times.

I spent a lot of the night exposing the nether regions of my wedding gown. Man, was that dress heavy! My hips hurt by the end of the night from so much weight pushing down on them. As you can see my wine colored crinoline was long gone. It was much too much fabric, I was too hot and too poofy to really dance.

One of my favorite photos, my nana and aunt Laurie dancing.

I love this one of my mom and sister too. Krissy thinks she doesn't look like our mom, ha!

The Pineapples-in-law, I am so lucky to be a part of their family.

I was a tired, hot mess by the end of the night. I could have fallen asleep in Mr. Pineapple's arms.

Next up a look back at the details.


Amberdawn said...

What a gorgeous dress :)

Practical Wedding Favors said...

Lovely wedding! Love the photos